for your COMPANY's
marketing and history"

It’s all about your marketing appearance.

We know what you need and even more…


we can do that.


No matter what difficulty, size and scope of the conference you planned.
Our team is experienced in all the aspects.

We know how to make either short documentary, or conference reportage.

Here’s a free tip to successful film of your conference:
- include main speaker’s interview,
- show the brightest performances
- don’t forget about details
- let the others feel atmosphere of the event

"Business Portraits"

Social networks make an important part of our life. If you look perfect

and post amazing photos, you win and attract the others.

So what kind of photos can a businessman, or entrepreneur,

or person of success share with?

We have the key to your perfect photoshooting.
Just keep calm and make photos.


This part is about food photoshooting, menus and goodies.

So be careful!

We know how to make you hungry with our awesome photos!

"Social Projects"

DAIKIRI Team supports project, which make this world better.

Thanks to that:

- we do something good, what ignites hope in people
- the whole world can discover people’s challenging life through our reportages.




Advertising is the most passionate pastime for sure.

When it comes to a full cycle advertising project, our team becomes united as ever:
brings all the power, drinks coffee, orders pizza and, as a result, creates awesome advertisement.

In our Advertising TEAM you can find:

- Scenario maker

- Key frame builder

- Location finder

- Operator

- Producer

- Montage and colorist

"Music video"

In this paragraph you can find some music videos filmed by us.

We love what we do, because we are working on creative projects

and combine scenario with stunning pictures.

Here’s the best way to make a soulful music video:
- firstly, write a song
- secondly, call us


Last, but not least. Here you can enjoy our Art projects.

Fashion photoshooting is one more our strong point.
We love working on spicy ideas

and show them from our point of view.

You wanna Rock this World?
We can defenitely make a deal.